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Hipicat Final Performance Review

Positives We felt the vast majority of our performance was ‘working’ and as we would like it to be. Thanks to projections we used we feel the visual aspect of our performance was, for the most part, vibrant and interesting which we see as a vital ingredient in our aesthetics. We are aware, however, that at times the projections we used may have been somewhat bright and perhaps too dynamic, possibly drawing the audiences attention from the band performing a little too much. We feel the instrumentation was all working together nicely and, in reflection were most happy with the instrumental sections of our performance, where we felt everything seemed to be in place. The three guitars were played well and, we feel, provide a nice contrast to the processed, electronic sounds coming from elsewhere. Negatives Our vocals were below par and we feel our overall performance suffered from a lack of preparation. In terms of our three-part harmonies, we know that, although we put much time in to writing and rehearsing them, there were several occasions throughout in which our sound was hindered by our lack of ability to call upon our memories in a short space of time, resulting in a split-seconds worth of one part singing the wrong note, or often to one of us singing the other’s part by accident. We feel our vocals need further rehearsal due to this, but the main thing we felt drew away from our ability to sing tightly was a lack of preparation during soundcheck, twinned perhaps with poor communication with the sound engineers during the show. Troubles with levels, particularly those providing a lack of ability to clearly hear vocals amidst everything else, led to much of the singing during in our performance being out of tune and, in our eyes, below a professional standard. We also could have spent more time perfecting our live Ableton set and fully getting to terms with the use of our onstage hardware as there were very slight, but perhaps unnoticeable blips in this area, also.- Relationship with Genre/Wider Field of Practice If we were to give this music a ‘genre’, we would like to think it is a form of pop music with elements of psychedelia and folk, also drawing some inspiration from some of the commercial music we were exposed to through as children through the 90’s and early 2000’s. We draw inspiration from such music most prominently in a vocal sense, with our three-part harmony centric performances aiming to, in some ways, emulate those of R’n’b groups of recent, and stemming further back to bands like The Beach Boys and The Beatles from the 60s onwards and The Eagles from the 70s onwards. As discussed we feel the vocals were the weakest part of our performance and, for this reason, feel we must take extra time and care with regards to those in the future. Our performance, as mentioned, carries elements of psychedelia and fantasy which could also be claimed of bands we’d perhaps compare ourselves to, like Pink Floyd, Gong or The Beatles for example. Relationship with Audience/Is It Contemporary? We aim mainly to appeal to our audience’s imaginations, paired with their spirituality and, hopefully, their readiness to have a good time. Our music aims to lift people but also to draw upon their imaginations and give each of them an individual experience. Our main tool in doing this would be our lyrics, which we feel hold with them an element of mystery as we tend to refrain from making more bold, literal statements in writing. There are several reasons why we would claim our music to be contemporary and feel it would slot neatly in to the “pop” category. We feel our vague and mysterious song topics allow for us to easily communicate with the audience through their own susceptibility to build an image and a narrative in their own minds upon experience our music. Our Relationship with our Music/Genre This genre makes a lot of sense to people like us and could be considered very relevant in terms of where our various influences lie. A notable influence on the writing stage of the process could be derived from the 20 year cycle of popular culture and nostalgia. Our parents will have been playing many of the artists and bands we consider to be of great influence throughout our childhood, meaning it would have been programmed in from an early age as acceptable. Another notable reason for the genre and sound we have engulfed would be the internet, which has been around for the most part of our lives. This has allowed us the opportunity to explore and receive music from all walks of life, whether we have enjoyed it or not. The genre and sound we have achieved is heavily reliant on the fact we as people and writers have many influences and backgrounds that get put into the music we make, much of these influences being pop from different era Our Work’s Contrasts Between Performances There was plenty of room for improvement with our first performance, to start with, the instrumentation of the set could have been better rehearsed along with the harmonies. We feel as though we tackled this problem well in time for the final performance, though the 3 part harmonies could still have done with a little more work. In terms of the visuals of the first performance, they were very basic and not a lot of time had gone into arranging them to sit well with our performance. However, the final performance was a lot better prepared and once we had taken the time to create our own visuals with the use of milk, food colouring and washing up liquid combined with our own software preparations and then live manipulations, the visual aspect of the final performance was far better.

Okay, here’s a slightly better quality version of The Caveman. Thank you so much to all those who’ve liked, shared and viewed the video (:

HC x

Hipicat are out of hibernation! We’ve been working hard for a while towards releasing our debut E.P ‘A Tale of…’ on Friday, 2nd May. Taken from the EP, this is our first release ‘The Caveman’, accompanied by a video shot and produced for us by our friends at Parrhesia Productions. We have many people to thank for helping us out with the video, including our good friend Joe Lee who has kindly endured the rainy conditions, stresses and deadlines with us over the past few months. We would also like to thank the kind staff at Marigold Costumes as well as a bunch of our friends who’ve afforded us their eyes, ears and opinions along the way. If you enjoy the song and video, please help us get the ball rolling by sharing it with your peers.

Peace and love, Hipicat.